Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too cool.

I know now that if I ever need to be intensely cool, I just need to shop in the "apartment" section of Urban Outfitters. (They have no clothes for my fat ass. But iPod accessories and fair trade blankets are like cough drops for the soul. If your soul is coughing.)

Come on, Urban Outfitters. If you get cooler stuff, the people that made Juno will (probably not) sue you for copyright infringement on that probably-not-actually-copywrited hipster coolness. I'll bet they have a hamburger phone at Urban Outfitters online. I myself could not get past the iPod accessories and cabbage rose quilt.

Also want this. The one with the bear, not the one with the roller skates.

You got me this time, suckers.


I've been challenged (invited?...disinterestedly mentioned to?) to do a thing where I pick some songs and say what's awesome about them over on facebook...by a friend on facebook...not by someone that could pay me or anything. It's quasi-serious business because he was all professional about it, and I feel compelled to match that.

I never back down from a challenge! Except for that time where I've pretty much always backed down from all challenges ever because challenge implies effort and that means less watching old episodes of Lost and more standing up or doing things.

I'm going to do the music thing. Also I wrote myself a very professional-looking newsletter about my own life, in the interest of documenting the most trying year I've ever had. I also still haven't finished all of the embroidery I was doing for Christmas which kind-of happened three weeks ago.

I'm challenging myself to get at least two boxes of stuff together for Appalachia, which is where you send your coats and shoes and silverware and school supplies if you don't actually need them, because the people in Appalachia really need them. If you're in Maryland and you want to give those things to them, let me know and I will hook you up.

Challenges abound in my own personal hostile environment. I have to do something because I've been sick for days and have been using that as a passport to a magical land of doing nothing but sitting on the couch, playing chef games on facebook and torturing my dog to pay attention to me and not drink my tea. Valuable hours I could have been using to decide which dishes they need in Appalachia, and which coats are too ridiculous to send (answer: no coat is too ridiculous when you are frozen, also, it might be cool to be the b-hole that donated the ridiculous coat).

In summary, I have been challenged to do a fake thing, I have challenged myself to a real thing, I am domestically challenged, and also I have a mean cold. I have to do a thing because I have spent several days not doing anything.

I found this picture on the internet, and I don't know who it is, or what you can actually see through the hole in the crotch of the pants, but it's a little bit of magic for you on a Tuesday afternoon, and just goes to show that you can always rise to a challenge:

It's go time.