Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Snow dog whaaaat

...well, Christmas, obviously, because it snowed twenty-one inches and people are fist fighting over parking spaces at the mall...so I've heard, because my social anxiety and mallphobia don't allow me in malls or discount clubs during this time of year.

...I will never finish all of the sewing projects I intended to do for gifts. I've been working like a madwoman every minute that I'm not at the office. Who knew cross stitch was so time consuming? Also, there's no way a gift will get out to Utah at this point, which pretty much makes me a delinquent daughter. I guess it will have to be a New Year's present!

...I should have gotten an egg roll with my lo mein lunch.

...this could be the last Christmas for some of my very elderly Great Aunts, so it's good that I'll get to see them. I will take them poinsettias and chrusciki (which I will be buying at the store) even though I was told not to bring gifts because flowers and food don't really count and you can't show up at your Great Aunt's house empty-handed.

...Did I mention the whole sewing thing? Because I actually dreamed about sewing last night. I should have gone to bed with my needle and thread because I might have finished something.

...I'm going to extremely miss my parents this year. It's our first year apart on Christmas. I won't know what to do with myself. I do get to go hug my developmentally disabled and mentally ill friends at the Arundel Lodge on Christmas morning, so that will be uplifting.

While you're out shopping frantically tonight, I will be home sewing frantically tonight. Once I'm done with the cross stitch I have some embroidery to finish, then more cross stitching and some bead embroidery (if I can find my giant box of beads and special floss which -hello- could only be in one of three rooms in my house and doesn't appear to be in any of them. Theory: gnomes? fairies? the notorious breaking-and-entering-bead-eating bats of Pasadena, Maryland? No, dang it. The bats are only out in the summer. Maybe I am just a huge dumbass. I never lost huge boxes of seed beads and Nymo-D when I used to drink regularly.)

Hopefully I'll get more done than I think I can, and I'll put up some pictures once everyone has their gifts. Not that anybody reads this, let alone anybody I know, but...you know. Just in case.

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